our story

It all started with a homemade recipe passed down from Senior to Junior. Both father and son worked hard on making every batch better than the last. after sharing their Jerky with the town of

Toms River, NJ, neighbors, friends, and family demanded more.


Made from five real ingredients,

Conquering West beef jerky sets a high standard against chemically preserved brands.

it took 10 years, but now we believe the recipe has been perfected and ready for the world.

We cut our meat thin enough for the marinade of each flavor to absorb into the “Flavor Pockets” of each Jerky strip. Every piece of Jerky should be a mouth-watering reminder of the natural way meat was preserved for survival in the old west. A reminder that we can come from humble beginnings, we can Always grow & We can not only strive for greatness, but conquer greatness.

Conquering West, we want to share our love for jerky done right.