Conquering West aims to bring you the best jerky with the biggest flavor in the simplest way.
We use 5 ingredients:
     Beef, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Spices & Smoke.
Our jerky puts those red see-through jerky's to shame. It's time to bring back real flavor with real ingredients. 

no preservatives

Our beef is organic & grass fed
significantly lower sodium
then our competition
our natural smoke acts as an antibacterial  preserving our meat longer
10g of protein in each 1.2oz bag
with only 70 calories!

Flavor pockets

Our beef jerky is marbled with a line of fat

that bursts with the sweet flavors of

beef and our mouth watering marinade.

We call these areas "Flavor Pockets". The tiny pieces of fat you do find, have absorbed the sweet sugar and tangy soy sauce, while retaining the home feeling of our natural smoke. 

You will not be let down biting into one of these in each piece of jerky. 

although this shortens the shelf life of our jerky we will not ruin the integrity of our cuts of meat.


these areas within the meat are what is needed

for an amazing beef jerky.  

this will change the game of dehydrated meats.


Where can I buy Conquering West Jerky?

As of right now we are exclusively online. 

By 2020 we are looking to be sold at various retailers around the U.S.

Are there any preservatives in the jerky?

Not a chance. 

What are your bag sizes & do you make custom orders?
Our current products include a 1.2oz and 5.5oz bag for purchase.
We will be launching a bigger bag come the end of 2019.
Yes, we get a lot of custom/large orders. So please feel free to email us at

What payment options do you accept? 


We are currently accepting all major credit cards & Paypal.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover

Where is the jerky made?


All Conquering West Beef Jerky is made in USA. 

Our product facility is located in New Jersey.

What is the shelf life of the jerky?


We recommend consuming our jerky no longer than 3-5 days after opening.

For optimal quality, we recommended opening the jerky before our best by date labeled on the package.

How long does shipping take?

Currently we offer two options:

- standard shipping (3-5 days)

- 2-day shipping (1-2 days)

Where can I find more info about Conquering West?

The best place to learn about our company is on our Who Is Conquering West page.