5 Real Ingredients

NO more red beef jerky

Beef Jerky should be a dark, rich, natural color.

Not red and translucent.


At Conquering West we pride ourselves on our quality and would "steak" our reputation on our organic flavor.

NO preservatives. no cures.

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All Natural Hickory

Sweet Mesquite

Spicy Hickory

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"It's just so good. Simply put. I was just gnawing on it and I had to put the bag away because I would have eaten it all. The spicy hickory has some real heat, but the sweetness balances the flavor so well. It kept me digging in the bag."

- Sal Sorace, NJ

My family loved it, we went with the sample pack and are in love with the original hickory. This kids asked for more, the husband asked for more, so we got more. They were very happy with the flavor. Thank you guys again for the discount, every purchase has had a discount card in it, thought that was a nice bonus as well. "

- Melissa Skolst, PA

"First bag of jerky I've ever bought online, but hot damn you guys can compete with the boys down here in West Virginia. You can taste the smoke too, its refreshing and feels like home. Keep up the good work, get this in stores ASAP."

- Drew Willard,  WV

Let us Be the first beef jerky you buy online.

You wont regret it.  SATISFACTION guaranteed.

Coming to Major Stores

Summer 2019